Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The Summer Solstice

Yes I have indeed made a wish. In fact, I've made several real wishes and I hope at least one or two of them come true. I also hope that everyone else's wishes come true as well as long as they are good wishes and don't cause harm to another.

Part of my Solstice will include gathering the growing abundance from my small garden. Most of the plants are in large pots, "container gardening" but it works just as well, less weeding and certainly well enough to produce enormous foot long, crisp cucumbers.

The tomato plants have begun producing loads and loads of small tomatoes. The pimento and bell pepper, yellow and zucchini squashes and cantaloupes are also covered with blooms but haven't made fruit yet. The watermelon plants have two tiny melons growing on them. They are the first melons I've grown so it's fun to see them grow a little every couple of days.

I have already had one harvest of japaleno peppers and a small batch of banana peppers as well. The bushes are already covered with blooms and small peppers again that will soon be fat and ready to pick. The strawberry plants are covered with small berries that will turn red and sweet soon. Vegetables aren't the only thing growing wild at the moment most all the flowers I've planted are in bloom.

All the extra rain this year has really given the flowers a boost since they are positively thriving. The plants get the hot sun and loads of water. The oriental lilys are gorgeous and are the size of a small plates this year. There are more than last year so I hope the new plants bloom next time.

I also have blue nile lilys that have a few small blue star shaped blossoms and tuberoses. No blooms on the tuberoses yet but there will be soon. I have sweet scented four oclocks blooming and the banana trees seem to grow a foot or more a day with the rain and heat. There are vines and ferns that have grown over the sides of large tubs and are now growing into the yard. My avocado tree is getting bigger this year. I threw the seed out last year just to see what it would do and it started growing! I seem to have a very green thumb!

Even though my garden is small, I know it will yield loads more than we can eat so there will be lots to share with other people. That is also part of my Solstice- to share with others.

It is such a lovely time of year and one of my favorites. This is the time of abundance and I hope other people realize that as well and share with those that have less. I wish you all a prosperous and wonderful summer. BB*


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