Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Another day in reptileville

Well, once again I have tried to feed Zero, the Ball Python and yet again he turned up his nose to the hefty ratcicle I served him. I thawed it out and got it nice and room temperature just like you're suppose to but he was having none of it.

Then Pete came up with the idea to put the rodent in a freezer bag and place the bag in very warm water to heat up the rat. Still nothing. I honestly think Zero can tell that it isn't a fresh, as in mostly still kicking rodent.

Out of sheer frustration, I gave Zero a stern lecture about how little snakes in China would be happy to have such a lovely rat for dinner but it made no difference at all. He sat looking at the rodent much like the child who refuses to eat his spinach. ...(Ok fine Mr. No recess for you!)...

See, the real problem lies in me. I really have no desire to dispatch a live rat since we've had a couple as pets and they are very sweet and loving. So I am left with the moral dilemma of to clobber or not to clobber.

I suppose that I can get Donny's friend to come and dispatch the rodent in a very quick and semi-humane manner. When I had asked her about helping me before, she seemed far too eager to help with that particular chore which I find rather odd. I think I'll try warming his ratcicle again and see how that goes first.

I think getting a lizard would be easier since I wouldn't have to feed him or her rats. I'm open for suggestions!


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