Sunday, September 03, 2006

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Dead

Since this story is one that means a great deal to me as an animal lover I am posting it here as well as Animal Realm.

This is a loss for anyone who has ever loved an animal and wanted to protect it. It is a loss for those of us that don't think animals are decorations.

It is a loss for those of us that know that all creatures deserve our love, respect and protection.

While I always knew those facts, Steve Irwin reinforced those ideals in me over the many years that I have watched his shows and specials. I will never forget him or what he taught me through his work. He will always be missed.

Reposted from Animal Realm:

My son came and told me that he had heard that Steve Irwin had been killed today. I simply didn't believe him so I checked online. Unfortunately my eyes read what my heart wasn't ready to hear.

According to

Quoted from the story:

WORLD EXCLUSIVE by reporters from The Courier-Mail,
Brisbane September 04, 2006 01:56pm

"THE Crocodile Man, Steve Irwin, is dead. He was killed in a freak accident in Cairns, police sources said. It appeared that he was killed by a sting-ray barb that went through his chest, Queensland Police Inspector Russell Rhodes said"

Read the entire story on one of the world's most well known and loved animal activists.

For the rest of my life I will mourn his loss as an educator and animal conservationist as well as a human being that showed such a love and zest for not only life in general but for the lives of the animals he talked of so often.

I will do my best to do at least one thing in my life that will help to carry on Steve's message of animal conservation and I know that I will never forget him.


  • Oh My Goodness. I had no idea! I used to watch his shows religiously with my nephew. This news saddens me, as I'm sure it will my 7 year old nephew :( ThankYou for sharing with us. I wish I could express my sorrow to his wife and children.

    By Blogger Samantha, at 11:19 PM  

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