Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wow, this year is flying by.

I haven't written a new post in billions of years. That isn't true. I wrote one a few days ago. Still, I have to write a new post since it's now August. Wow another year almost gone. Where did it go?

I am hoping that next year will be a better year and definitely a happier year. At some point I want to sit down and actually make a list of the things that would make the new year better, when I do I'll post it here as well. If anyone has any good ideas feel free to share with me.

I do hope to travel more in 2007 since I miss it very much. I'm afraid that I don't consider driving around Texas for three, four or even five hours straight without seeing anything of any real interest to actually be travel. It's BORING.

I love the atmosphere in Europe. Germany and Austria are both great and I love them. I really enjoyed my visit there and I do hope to get back at some point. The German people certainly know how to party and the beer is the best. Hands down the best.

Atmosphere is important to me too but not the sort that one might find in an expensive hotel room. I like the, "travel on a shoestring" sort of trips, then if you splurge on a fancy meal or hotel room it makes the whole hotel thing better.

Getting spoiled at some posh hotel where everything one could possibly hope for is provided might be great but it rather spoils things for the ordinary person like myself. Still, I wouldn't mind being spoiled rotten in a posh hotel.

This is kind of off the mark on why I was writing. I meant to write something about the new year being a better year. And while traveling to Europe to be spoiled with the, "Peel me another grape Helmut" sort of attitude does sound rather appealing, I suppose I should look at possibilities closer to home.

Colorado is on the list for certain. It's not too far that we couldn't drive there so Pete and I do hope to get up that way. And of course we love Virginia and want to visit my son Donny again. The Navy doesn't give him enough time off which really isn't in their best interest but there's nothing I can do about that.

Let's all hope that the rest of 2006 is safe and good and that the quickly arriving 2007 is a great year all round.


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