Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pod Of Funk

Funk from London If you haven't listened to Pod of Funk Number Nine then now is your chance.

It's got some excellent tracks on it as well as the one and only, the unique, the incomparable, smackin' it down across the airways, Deek Deekster himself guiding us though the podcast.

But I warn you, Deek's not in the best of moods with the shitty war. There is some explicit albeit very appropriate language and who can blame him? We're all pissed about the war.

If you haven't subscribed to POF click on the link above and do it. Deek's own description of the musical content: "Classic, rare and eclectic funk, jazz, trip hop, and more from London."

All the podcasts so far have been great and are well composed and produced by Deek Deekster.


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