Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hot stuff

A variety of wickedly hot peppers.
Here is a photo I took of a bunch of peppers on my kitchen counter. I thought the bright colors were pretty and tasty looking despite their deadly heat.

I actually grew some small peppers once that we thought were bell peppers mainly because the little plant tag at the greenhouse had said that was a California Wonder bell pepper.

Unknowingly I grilled some with some chicken and popped one in my mouth - they were small so I thought they would work well with the veggie stir fry I made to go with the chicken - and the heat immediately sent flames across my face. Never again.

In fact, that was such a bad experience I glare at anything that resembles bell peppers in the plant houses now. Needless to say, I threw away the entire plant. Evil things they were.


  • That is a great picture. I wish I had space for a garden. I started a few things in pots last year but am pining for an actual garden space!


    By Blogger cdorsey, at 7:31 AM  

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