Monday, March 06, 2006

Sunny Weather

Hello today world. It is a bright, sunny 83.3 F or for our British friends and the rest of the world, 27.4 C. Needless to say we have the air conditioning on already.

I would wish that we could have a bit more winter with snow and all that sort of thing but someone might send me evil notes shaming me for wishing cold weather on them. Still there are positives to having warm weather already.

1. One needs far less clothing in warm weather.
2. It is fun to be outside in the sun providing we have on 500 sunblock.
3. I love to swim and prefer to do so in warm water.
4. One doesn't slip and fall on sunrays and possibly may on ice or snow.
5. Clearing and airing burnt cooking is far better in warm weather.
6. In the event that clearing and airing isn't sufficient, it is more pleasant to sit outside in warm weather.

If any of you want some fun stuff to look at click here (or click the link to the right) and check out the latest from the real, the genuine, the one and only John Cleese's site. Very funny stuff. Enjoy!

In the event that John doesn't have anything that you think is particularly funny posted, listed or otherwise, stay tuned the hilarity will come forthwith.


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