Friday, December 07, 2007

Igloo Building 101

Class is now in session. If you are late to my class then feel free it remain in the hall way. Anyone besides myself ever have a Professor like that? If you haven't or didn't then consider yourselves lucky. Ha!

Donny and Chris hard at work.My son Donny (in the dark jacket) and his friend Chris are building an igloo with a very cool block tool that Chris found at an outdoor shop somewhere. It's a bit tricky to create the first layer since all layers after that will follow that one so that the top can be closed completely.

Chris packing snow in the block mold.

Donny kept scooping snow with Chris's big snow shovel filling the mold to make each block. The blocks all have to be tilted in at a slight angle because of the roof. This igloo wasn't covered completely because of the angle of the first layer of blocks.

Taking a break to inspect their handywork.

The igloo is almost finished now. They just have to create a doorway. This is actually a very interesting thing to do. It is amazing that people can survive in these and quite well too. I'm sure they have hide coverings on the floor as well as to cover the doorway. From what I understand they can get quite warm inside when
properly built.

Cutting the doorway.
This is just too cool for words! I think they really did a great job for a first time! They have since been out and built other igloos. Chris wants to leave a note pad and pencil in it and see if people will sign in and just leave a note where they are from. Very cool idea! Watch out people of Colorado, if you come across a real igloo then sign the sheet.

Now your class in igloo building 101 is over, class dismissed.


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