Friday, November 16, 2007

I gotta be meeeeeee, I gotta be meeeeeeeee

What else can I be but me. Indeed.

I want to be totally shellfish (I think I'll be a prawn today. Cod knows I've earned it) and write about me. All about me. Me me me me... mememememe... Won't that be nice? OK, mostly about me.

Actually, I don't know if it will be nice or not but it will most certainly be fun for me. YeeeHaaa, hat-flingin' type fun too, not your boring ordinary sorta fun. But gut-twisting, (Is that heaving I hear?) silly ass fun.

I had asked Deek to be silly with me but he never answered me in regard to whether he would join in the chaotic fun. Seeing as how that is the case, I'll just take up the slack from my slacker friend. Har har har. I bet I'll hear about that one.

OK fine, I don't actually think you're a slacker Deeky. I know you work like a madman with an angry weasel in your trousers. Wow, there's a vivid image isn't it?

Actually, if anyone can send me a photo of an angry weasel I would really appreciate it. I need one. I also need a photo of Shaun Dooley. He's one of my favorite male actors. And it's nothing to do with the fact that I think he's really handsome.

Not at all. Not in the slightest. Not for one moment. Well OK, maybe for one moment but not a second longer. Wait, is a moment longer than a second? Or is it the other way round? Hmmm...

Well there you go, that will be something interesting or at least incredibly boring for a later post. Aren't you all so very lucky? Course you are.

I am now ending this post with one of my favorite Python funnies.

Click here for the hilarity.


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