Friday, November 30, 2007

In Memory of Megan Meier

In Memory of Megan Meier
A sad case of online bullying resulted in the death of a 13 year old girl with a history of depression.

After receiving a particularly cruel and hurtful email, she went to her room and hanged herself in her closet.

The teen had suffered from depression since third grade and did take medication for her condition.

When she set up her MySpace account, Megan was happy to talk to the cute 16 year old boy named "Josh" she had met online. Only the "boy" wasn't a boy at all. Megan was actually talking to the mother of a girl she knew that lived just a couple of houses down from her.

Megan died a year ago but the FBI asked her parents to keep the story quiet until they could investigate. Her parents have since split up.

This is a horrible, horrible crime that has left a lovely girl just barely beginning her life dead and her family shattered and destroyed.

And no one is held accountable? That just shows what is happening in the United States today. This entire country is going down the toilet one cruel joke at a time and the government is holding the handle waiting to flush.

We all need to stop online bullying any time we see it. If we can't, then each person should make it their business and take the time to report it to someone who can do something about it.


  • Unbelievable. Talk about horrible parenting! People like this should not be breeding.

    By Blogger Kimchihead, at 2:19 AM  

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