Monday, August 06, 2007

Colorado Renaissance Festival

Stone Face
Stone Face Plaque

Hello out there! I am peased to say that I have recently uploaded more images from this year's Ren-Fest. If you would like to look at more, follow the link listed here and follow the instructions. It's easy.

Go to: Where it says, "Visit albums" just key in my email address, then click the "go" arrow.

Click "Visit Albums" then "Shared Albums" with a list of album categories of my pictures. Just click whichever album you want to look through first.

I am not a professional photographer but I do try to take some nice shots and for
the most part, I think I do fairly well.

Enjoy my work and feel free to drop me a note regarding any photos. Please keep in mind that my work is copywritten.

If my spacing etc doens't look good then it is bloggers fault not mine.



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