Thursday, November 10, 2005

Deekster Attacked by Cockabindi!

Yes folks it appears to be true. Our own Deek Deekster has been attacked by a large bird with gaudy plumage. It is said that Deek made some sort of remark in regard to the bird's plumage and this set off a verbal attack which in turn set off a physical attack which Deek very narrowly escaped.

As it is, Deek took a hell of a beating from the brute bird having been repeatedly pounded while the bird terrorized him with loud obnoxious squawks. Although pictures would help, we readers can only imagine what horror Deek must have gone through.

Our healing thoughts are with you on this journey Deek.

P.S. At least Deek wasn't attacked by a large blancmange.

P.S.S. Does anyone have a tranquilizer handy?


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