Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Politics - Vote 2008

Hello everyone,

I suppose it may seem a tad odd that I haven't made a post in ages and then come straight at you all with a political post on the election this year.

I have no real excuse, you can yell or do our Internet/email version of yelling at me by typing me a note in all caps. You can but it won't help really.

I just took a break from my blogs so that I could get past a particularly nasty bout of flu. Now that I am well, it is crucial that I write about this years election.

Crucial? Am I being overly dramatic or attention grabbing? I don't think so. The election this year is a land mark for all we Americans.

I don't expect to change any one's opinion here but this country badly needs a change.

I know who I'll be voting for and it won't be McCain and that morally inept, educationally challenged half-wit Palin.

This is the first time in United States history that an African-American has run for office. In my opinion, he is the best choice by far.

Keep any bigoted comments off my blog since the precious word is key here, "my" blog.

I grew up with racial hatred all around me and as a child, I vowed to never allow that behaviour when I became an adult. I also vowed to like/love and accept people for the deeds they have done and not what color they are or what religion they are.

America needs to WAKE UP about bigotry and racism and weed that shit out of this country once and for all. I think having an African-American president is a good step forward in that direction.

I'll be posting more.

Follow me to the poles for the historic - Vote 2008!


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