Saturday, January 06, 2007

Total Crap Service

To any and all potential Time Warner subscribers, beware!

Time Warner is the company that has bought out Comcast cable TV and internet in the area where I live so other than dial-up, which I still have via Mindspring, there really isn't anything else. So much for Big (boring) Dallas eh?

Bloody hell! For what we pay for this? And we get total crap service? I can't even get my friend's email?! This is absolutely outrageous! Deeks sent to the bloody SPAM folder? ....Aaarggghhhh! ...primal scream!.....

Every month we have to call several times about the DNS not working or a poor cable signal... it's one thing or another every month. Pete is far more forgiving than I am. I will never buy any service from them again at any time once we find another company.

And if they try to get cute and disconnect me for writing this stuff? Go right the fuck ahead. I'll log right back on with Mindspring and AN ACTUAL WORKING CONNECTION THAT DOESN'T PUT MY FRIENDS EMAIL INTO THE BLOODY SPAM BIN.


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